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    The Sensorcon Calibration Service

    Most of our customers save money by sending their devices to us for calibration instead of buying testing supplies such as calibration gas cylinders and regulators.

    For a calibration, please follow these steps:

    1. Purchase Calibration Service from our online store.

    2. DownloadCalibration Service Form

    3. Then simply ship your unit, receipt and calibration form to:

    Attn: Calibrations
    Sensorcon, Inc.
    307 Cayuga Rd, Suite 100
    Cheektowaga, NY 14225



    • Failure to mark the package "ATTN: CALIBRATIONS" may increase the calibration processing time.
    • Failure to fully complete this form may lead to an increase in calibration processing time.
    • Once we receive your unit, we will calibrate it and ship back in 3 to 5 business days.
    • You do not need to send us your hand pump accessories.
    • We currently ship calibration kits in the US area only.  

    How To Perform A Self Calibration:

    If you wish to calibrate your instrument yourself we recommend calibration gas equipment from Mesa Specialty Gases. Sensorcon offers complete kits, cylinders and accessories that can be found in our online store. Please watch the videos below to learn how to perform a self calibration by following this step by step process.

    Carbon Monoxide

    Hydrogen Sulfide

    For Inspector Repairs

    Please feel free to contact us if your Sensorcon product has any issues. If repairs are needed, please call customer service at 1-716-276-2975 to get an RMA number and to describe the issues you are having with the unit

    Calibration Service Failures

    If your CO detector has failed calibration, it will need the internal sensor changed out. This is an out of warranty service and the cost $20.00 in addition the the calibration charge: Calibration Service Upgrade



    E-Mail: sales@sensorcon.com  

    Hours of Operation:
    Monday through Friday
    8am to 4pm