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    Clip On Confined Space Gas Detectors

    The Inspector series from Sensorcon provides organizations and concerned workers an affordable opportunity to equip themselves with durable, accurate, long Confined Space Gas Detectorslasting confined space gas detectors.  From pipeline workers, to EMT's, to farm workers dealing with manure ponds, there's an Inspector for you.

    Durability, Size, and Price - The Sensorcon Difference

    2 year battery life, audio alarms, a serviceable unit at a disposable price, and a tiny form factor- the hallmarks of a first rate confined space gas detector.  The Inspector Series allows you to monitor your environment in real time, and always know the concentration of either H2S or Carbon Monoxide in your vicinity.

    And with our calibration service, you'll always know you're getting an accurate read out, and a unit that will perform to specifications every time.

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