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    Carbon Monoxide and Auto Mechanics

    Working in a garage as an auto mechanic has the potential to create long term carbon monoxide exposure issues.  Health agencies such as NIOSH and OSHA have set strict guidelines for daily exposure limits based on research into health concerns.  While low level carbon monoxide presence doesn't present an imminent danger, working in an environment that consistently has over 25 PPM (on average) can pose health issues.

    Using an Inspector Carbon Monoxide Meter, you'll be able to see carbon monoxide levels in your repair bays in real time, or set the unit to always display the maximum recorded value.  It's a great personal assurance tool, and it gives you the ability to have an important discussion with either your boss, or your staff, on how well ventilated your garage is.

    Gas Agency PPM/Exposure Recommendations
     Carbon Monoxide (CO)  OSHA  Time Weighted Average - 50 PPM
       ACGIH  Threshold Limit Value - Time Weighted Average 25 PPM
       NIOSH  Time Weighted Average - 35 PPM

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