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    Molex Redesigns Sensorcon Legacy Product Line and Website

    • Same Great Products in a New, Fresh Look
    • Portable, Reliable and Durable Sensors Detect Dangerous and Hazardous Gas Levels
    • User-Friendly Website Brings Intuitive Navigation

    LISLE, IL – September 1, 2020Molex announced today its Sensorcon Inspector product family line has received a refresh with a new look. The Carbon Monoxide Inspector Series (CO) and Hydrogen Sulfide Inspector (H2S) retain all of the same great features and benefits Molex is known for, but new is a fresh, clean look. The company is also pleased to launch the re-design of its product website www.sensorcon.com. The more informative and user-friendly website brings improved navigation.

    The Sensor Inspector Series portable meters use advanced electrochemical sensor technology to quickly detect and measure carbon monoxide so swift safety measures can be immediately taken. The devices, which are available in three models: The Inspector, Inspector Industrial and Inspector Industrial PRO, are ideal for HVAC service technicians, home and code inspectors and indoor air quality professionals who monitor buildings, construction or industrial areas, or test around appliances. Lightweight yet rugged, the CO Inspector instrument is also ideal for EMTs, firefighters and law enforcement.

    The H2S, portable meter monitors and reads ppm levels of hydrogen sulfide in real time, and are available in two models: H2S Industrial and H2S Industrial Pro. Suited for applications related to Oil & Gas, Agricultural, Refineries and Chemical Plants, and Public Works Facilities, these devices provide a seamless tool for simple workflow.

    “We are committed to providing our customers with state-of-the-art meters. By updating the product line, we are reflecting our commitment to innovation,” said Garnet Schulte, product manager, Molex. “In addition, the new, refreshed product offers a sleek, clean interface for seamless accessibility.”

    All of the devices are shockproof and have preprogrammed set points, measure CO gas concentrations from 0 to 1,999 ppm with initial response times of less than 5 seconds and provide visual (LED) and audio alarms.

    The Industrial and Industrial Pro models for both the CO and H2S meter, have vibrating alarms as well as include intrinsically safe certification, to prevent spark in an explosive environment. With the Industrial Pro devices, users can set their own low and high alarms. In addition, the Industrial Pro tool’s time weighted average (TWA) feature records three different readings within 24 hours and provides the average.

    For more information about the Inspector product line please visit the refreshed, new website: www.sensorcon.com.

    About Molex:

    Molex makes a connected world possible by enabling technology that transforms the future and improves lives. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full range of connectivity products, services and solutions for markets that include data communications, medical, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics. For more information, visit www.molex.com.

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