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    Our wearable single gas meters are built to last.  A strong steel alligator clip allows you to wear our Inspector series carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide detectors wherever you go.  First responders often clip them to their kits and bags.

    Both the carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide wearble single gas meters come in two versions:  Industrial and Standard.

    The key differences are that the Industrial versions both feature a vibrating alarm, and are rated as Intrinsically Safe devices.  All four are:

    • Waterproof.
    • Dustproof.
    • Feature an LCD display for realtime gas metering.
    • Video and Audio alarms.
    • Strong steel alligator clip

    Our carbon monoxide detectors alarm at 35PPM and 200PPM.  Hydrogen Sulfide meters alarm at 10PPM and 15PPM.

    All of our single gas meters come with a 1 year parts and labor warranty, and can be calibrated. It's a long-life product at a disposable price!

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