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    Make Sensordrone Do Even More!

    The Sensordrone comes with 11 on board sensors capable of measuring temperatures, oxidizing and reducing gases, humidity, altitude and more.

    Now, with our Sensordrone Extension Kits, you’ll be able to take your lab with you wherever you go!

    Measure carbon dioxide in the air around you, and track it with our new air quality app for Android, available through the Google Play store, free of charge.

    And now, we’ve developed connectors for Atlas Scientific’s small, portable Dissolved Oxygen and pH level sensors, meaning you can take water chemistry measurements anywhere you go with your Sensordrone and a Bluetooth capable Android device.

    And don’t forget: Your Sensordrone can connect to any analog or digital device through the Expansion Connector at the bottom of the device.

    Take your portable laboratory with you anywhere you go with Sensordrone!


    Connect to your own project!

    Anybody can make a wireless bluetooth mobile accessory with Sensordrone.  Whether you're an Arduino tinkerer or professional developer, use the expansion connector on Sensordrone to connect to any hardware project you are working on.  Simply plug in a 0-3V Analog sensor or a digital (TTL UART or i2C) device, and our API allows you to directly work with this signal WITHOUT any bluetooth code.

    Easy Bluetooth Interface for Your Project

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