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    The Best Portable Gas Detectors, Guaranteed!

    Cool Design, Easy to Use, Made in USA

    Whether you need a carbon monoxide meter around the house, a carbon monoxide monitor in a mine, a hydrogen sulfide detector in oil & gas or waste-water treatment applications, the Sensorcon Inspector has you covered.

    Personal Single Gas Monitor

    The Inspector series is small, durable, and wearable.  The lanyard loop and steel alligator clip make it perfect for hanging on a wall wherever you are working, or for clipping for your first in bag as an EMT or firefighter.

    Our Carbon Monoxide (CO) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) Inspectors are designed and manufactured to be a long lasting unit which can be calibrated at a price similar to 2 year disposable units.  Our calibration process, available for purchase through our website, also includes a new battery, extending the life of your single gas meter for $39!

    Key Benefits of buying a Sensorcon Portable Gas Detector:

    • Small, light weight, and durable.
    • Real time gas concentration display.
    • Accurate measurements of carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulfide.
    • Max Mode allows you to set a unit at a location, and store the highest concentration read until reset.
    • 2 year battery life, with replacement service available.
    • Water proof and dustproof.
    • Intrinsically safe models available for working in potentially explosive environments.

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