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    Having problems with your Sensordrone? Here’s how to resolve them.

    1. I’m being asked for a code to connect to my Sensordrone. What does this mean?

    If your Android OS device is asking you for a password or code to connect to your Sensordrone, then simply input: 0000 

    This will allow your Bluetooth pairing to succeed.

    2. How Do I Turn On My Sensordrone?

    A Sensordrone can only be "turned on" by an app.  You can use our apps for both Android and iOS. It is possible to use a third party app or one of your own if you use our open source base code.  

    3. I’m successfully paired to a Sensordrone. But my device can’t can't detect or connect to it. Nothing happens.

    This can happen, though it is a fairly uncommon problem.  Here’s the steps to take in how to correct it:

    1.)  Plug your Sensordrone into a charger. The LED should fire up. The light should be orange while charging and green if at full charge.

    Please Note: In rare instances the LED won’t turn on while charging.  We’ve seen this when plugging into USB hubs mainly.

    2.) Ensure your Bluetooth is active on your device.  The app should ask you to do this.

    3.)  After your Sensordrone has a charge, simply unplug it and reset by using the reset button on your Sensordrone.  It’s located near the 5 pin expansion port on the bottom of the Sensordrone.

    Please Note: The face of the device is directly opposite the key chain loop.  You’ll need to press it with a pin, pencil or something else that can press the button.

    4.)  Try to connect through the app again.

    5.)  Turn your Bluetooth on and off through your device if you still can’t get a connection. Then try again.

    6.)  Power cycle down and reboot your tablet or phone if you still can’t get a connection. Then try again.

    4. My iPhone or iPad keeps disconnecting from the Sensordrone.

    It’s possible that minimizing the app to the background, intentionally or otherwise can break the Bluetooth connection.  You may need to willfully reconnect in those circumstances.

    5. My iPhone or iPad doesn't see the Sensordrone.

    In recent versions of iOS, even if properly charged, the Sensordrone does not show up in the iOS: Settings -> Bluetooth -> Devices dialog.  However, if you enter the Sensordrone Control App for iOS and from the app context menu select: Connections -> Start Scan. Your Sensordrone will show up in that list.  You can then successfully connect and use your Sensordrone.

    6. General Sensordrone Connection Trouble on Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Phones.

    Some consumers are having difficulty connecting in an app after they have successfully paired with the device. Especially in the newer Galaxy 10 tablets from Samsung. 

    Samsung uses a button to pop up our contextual connect menu. Depending upon your model this will either look like a half box with one line in it or two half boxes with lines in them.  These are located on the tablet and not in the app.

    So once you've successfully paired. Simply go into one of our apps and hit that that button with the app running.  This will bring up a menu that will allow you to connect to the Sensordrone after pairing.

    Still having issues connecting?  Here's a great blog post at Android Central on finding the button we're talking about: Android Central