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    We want to make sure that every customer is satisfied with our products. If there is an issue with your Inspector then please refer to our warranty policy and learn more about how we will make things right for you.

    Warranty, Repair and Replacement

    All of our units are covered by a one year warranty form the date of purchase. If the unit was defective upon arrival then you may fill out an RMA request. (click here)

    Our customer service department will send you the necessary shipping instructions once the RMA form has been completed. Once the defective product is received we will promptly repair or replace it if needs be.

    Please Note: To stay within warranty, please do not open the units protective body case. While many of our customers are technically affluent, opening the unit to do your own repairs or investigations does in fact void the warranty.

    Please Note: If you have already opened the protective case then kindly refer to the instructions below.

    30 Day Return Policy

    You may return any unit to us within 30 Days of purchase and we will credit back your order less a 15% re-stocking fee. This is for returns not having to do with defects in manufacturing or obvious unit malfunctions. The reason for the re-stocking fee is that all returned units must be re-calibrated in order to be put back into stock or to be sold as a refurbished product.

    Out of Warranty Repair

    If the warranty period has expired or the unit is damaged due to an accident outside of normal use. We will attempt to repair it for a flat rate of $59.  In this case the unit will also be re-calibrated.

    Please Note: Your device will need to be sent to our facility in order for us to repair your inspector. Here’s the Return Materials Authorization (RMA) form.  You will also need to purchase the service from our online store.

    What’s Covered By Your $59 Repair Policy?

    • Cracked Screens
    • Cracked Cases
    • Stuck Buttons

    What’s Not Covered By Your $59 Repair Policy?

    • The unit is completely Disintegrated or destroyed.
    • Sensordrone units that are Clearly Water Damaged.
    • Units that have broken boards from impacts.

    For further information about our return policies and or procedures please feel free to reach out to us at:

    E-Mail: support@sensorcon.com or sales@sensorcon.com