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    Portable H2S Monitor - Designed and Made in USA

    The Inspector is the guaranteed best portable H2S monitor on the market.  Use it as a simple Hydrogen Sulfide meter to monitor the air, or purchase the full analyzer accessory kit to use it as a complete H2S gas analyzer.  The max hold feature or the pump are great methods for measuring H2S concentrations in confined space entry applications. Plumbers, Oil & Gas workers, waste water treatment facilities, farmers and various other commercial and industrial users prefer the Inspector because of its high quality and low cost. Whether you call it a detector, tester, meter, monitor, sensor or just a cool gadget...you'll like it!  Designed and Made in the USA.

    Key Advantages

    • Real time display of H2S concentration (PPM)
    • Audio and visual alarms at 10 and 15PPM (Based on NIOSH recommendations)
    • 2 year battery life
    • Can be calibrated, giving you a durable, long lasting unit at the price of a disposable!

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