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Your Smartphone Can Do Much More With Sensordrone



Sensordrone Turns Your Smartphone Into a Carbon Monoxide Detector, Non-Contact Thermometer, Gas Leak Detector, Lux Meter, Weather Station, Diagnostic Tool, Breath Analyzer, & More...Much, Much, More!

The World's First:




Sensing Computer.



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With Unlimited Potential - What Will You Use Your Sensordrone For?

Engine Temperature & Exhaust Diagnosis Non-Contact Thermometer Storage & Appliances
Lux Meter & Color Meter Science Experiments Your Own Creative Apps!


People Sense the Possibilities of Sensordrone! 
Sensordrone - A Sensor Revolution

NASA Tech Briefs - 2012 Grand Prize Winner - Create the Future Design Contest "What if sensors, meters, and instruments were just apps instead of single-purpose, bulky, expensive equipment?"

Android Police - “…mind-blowing…applications of Sensordrone are simply astounding”

Engadget – “…slightly Star Trek, with the device connecting across Bluetooth to share a wealth of data on what’s going on around you”

Fast Company – “Flash forward a few years and imagine millions of people carrying around tiny but powerful sensing units like these. People will then be able to join networks of individuals who share and/or sell their sensing data.”

Geek – “Sensordrone really looks like an incredible gadget, and clearly something that takes us one step closer to having a Tricorder for your mobile device”

Guyism - “They even use the Star Trek font and refer to the Tricorder. NEEEEEEEERDSSSSS!… It’s actually pretty useful, a kind of technological Swiss Army knife.”

Mashable - “…Tricorders don’t exist quite yet, but the Sensordrone currently on Kickstarter is a step in the right direction”

OhGizmo! – “Yeah, we’re getting into Star Trek Tricorder territory here, and we’re pretty excited…”

TechSpot – “…the Sensordrone is a Swiss Army Knife of environmental input”

TreeHugger – “For years, scientists have talked about putting sensors into cell phones to be able to collect environmental data…it’s not so easy. At least not until now.”

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