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One Bluetooth Sensor to Rule Them All!


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Sensordrone Turns Your Smartphone Into a Carbon Monoxide Detector, Non-Contact Thermometer, Gas Leak Detector, Lux Meter, Weather Station, Diagnostic Tool, Breath Analyzer, & More...Much, Much, More!

The World's First:




Sensing Computer.



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With Unlimited Potential - What Will You Use Your Sensordrone For?

Engine Temperature & Exhaust Diagnosis Non-Contact Thermometer Storage & Appliances
Lux Meter & Color Meter Science Experiments Your Own Creative Apps!


Sensordrone Includes All the Sensors You Want, But Don't Have in your Smartphone or Tablet.

 Sensordrone Diagram

Sensor Type


Existing and Possible Apps

Precision Gas Sensor

Electrochemical/Fuel Cell Sensor

(Calibrated with CO)

Air Quality

Breath Analysis

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitoring

Alcohol Testing

Reducing Gas Sensor 

Heated Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) Gas Sensor Methane, Propane, Natural Gas leak detection

Oxidizing Gas Sensor

Heated Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) Gas Sensor Ozone sensing, Chlorine leaks

 Non-Contact Thermometer

 Infrared Thermopile Sensor

 Non-contact thermometry, thermal leak detection,

energy audits, engine diagnostics

 Humidity Sensor

 Capacitive polymeric Sensor

 Weather, Incubators, Refrigerator Crispers,

Heat Index, Comfort Guide, Storage


Temperature Sensor

 Silicon Bandgap Sensor  A variety of ambient temperature monitoring applications

Light Sensor


Light Intensity, Solar monitoring, Indoor Lighting,

Refrigerator Invader monitor!


Color Sensors

 Filtered photodiodes for Red, Green & Blue

Automation projects, pattern recognition,

color meter, color matching/color analyzer



 MEMS Pressure Sensor

barometer, altimeter, migrain warning device,

weather, chamber pressure


 Capacitive Electrodes

touch sensing, non-contact sensing, automation,

material capacitance analysis, water content


Expansion Connector

Digital (TTL UART & i2C) & Analog (0-3V) Interface:

For Connecting other Hardware

Easy Interface for sensors like CO2, water pH, Dissolved Oxygen,

EKG, Pulse Rate,


Thermal Printers, RC Vehicles & More...


 Sensordrone Size Dimensions

Download Detailed Specifications: http://developer.sensordrone.com/forum/download/file.php?id=10 

Sensordrone is compatible with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and later. Sensordrone includes Bluetooth 2.1 & 4.0 wireless communications.  iOS support is available for iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0.

Sensordrone Box


Anybody can make a wireless bluetooth mobile accessory with Sensordrone.  Whether you're an Arduino tinkerer or professional developer, use the expansion connector on Sensordrone to connect to any hardware project you are working on.  Simply plug in a 0-3V Analog sensor or a digital (TTL UART or i2C) device, and our API allows you to directly work with this signal WITHOUT any bluetooth code.

Easy Bluetooth Interface for Your Project