Potential Distributors | Sensors and Gas Detectors

Sensorcon is dedicated to providing high quality products and services on a global scale.  We have specialized in selling direct to consumer for the last several years, and we try to maintain a fair marketplace for everyone looking to sell our products.

As for distributors, we are seeking a limited quantity of high value distributors with reach into key market segments, such as:

  • Oil and Gas
  • HVAC
  • Science and Research
  • Government Agencies
  • Agriculture
  • University and Education
  • Emergency/Police/Fire/First Responders

Such distributors can be large companies or individual factory representatives with active relationships in these areas.

If you believe that you can help us penetrate these markets with active sales practices, we are definitely interested in talking to you.  You can email Kevin Webster, VP of Sales and Marketing, at kevin@sensorcon.com or call us at 716-566-2728.

Please note:  What we are not looking to do is to create relationships with internet only retailers or drop shippers.  While we allow all of our distributors to utilize online sales as a strategy so long as they adhere to our MAP policy, it should be in conjunction with offline sales activities.

The reason for this is two-fold.

First, we wish to preserve the value of our products to our distribution partners.  We believe that active sales organizations deserve special consideration in these cases.

Second, the goal of our distribution program is to help penetrate key markets, as opposed to simply saturating the marketplace with our brand.  Our products have a specific purpose, and we want our partners to as well.

If you believe that you or your organization can help us, we believe you’ll find our pricing to be extremely competitive, and we’re always willing to help you achieve more.  To that end, we’d love to talk to you.